Why Work With Us?


The Tax Credit Exchange Excels in the
Areas Landowners Care About Most

Highest Rate of Return

The Tax Credit Exchange will offer the highest rate of return to landowners transferring their credits through our program. In 2009, when economic conditions continued to create a softer market, the Tax Credit Exchange still sold virtually all available credits.

We assure the most competitive rate of return to our sellers by continually sampling the market to determine the credit pricing of other facilitators. Donors selling credits through the Conservation Resource Center’ Tax Credit Exchange will receive not only the greatest expertise, but also the highest rates of return. We do the work of finding the highest prices, rather than forcing you to shop for the highest prices.

Reliable Transfers Throughout the Year

In 2014, we transferred credits from summer until the following April. Unlike other facilitators, we will generally transfer credits as early as landowners request us to do so without requiring the landowner to sell at a discount. Landowners can expect to earn the highest price for their credits regardless of when we transfer them. Moreover, we have the longest-lasting relationships with credit buyers, which helps to assure that we will have buyers for your credits, even when other facilitators do not.

Work With Leading Experts in the Field

The Tax Credit Exchange is run by the conservation attorneys who established the first transfer market for conservation tax credits. We have over 35 years of combined experience in conservation law and have been involved with over 2,500 credit transactions. Call us for information or assistance in any phase of your conservation easement donation and credit transfer. We enjoy a close working relationship with the IRS and the Colorado Department of Revenue, so we can provide immediate updates to our landowners, land trusts, and professionals on relevant tax credit legislation and rulemakings.

Best Customer Service

Our expertise and our specialized tax credit database allow us to work with a high volume of landowners while providing each with individual attention. Because we understand how important the transfer of credits is to our landowners, we are committed to returning all calls within 24 hours, generally sooner, and can update landowners on the status of their transaction at the touch of a button.

Strongest Commitment to Land Conservation

The Tax Credit Exchange is the only nonprofit facilitator in Colorado. Each year, we donate a significant portion of our proceeds to Colorado land conservation organizations. In addition, we provide technical and policy support to landowners, land trusts, and related professionals on conservation easement and tax credit issues. We are continually working to ensure that Colorado’s tax credit program remains an effective and successful tool for land conservation.