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As a service to the conservation community and part of our nonprofit mission, the Conservation Resource Center’s Tax Credit Exchange program provides legislative and policy updates concerning Colorado conservation tax credits as well as any new programs and policies of the Tax Credit Exchange.




Implied Charitable Trust Restrictions on Nonprofit Lands, and a Look at the Possible Implications for Scout Camps (November 2020)

Nonprofits Now Eligible to Earn Tax Credits! (March 2014)

CO Deptartment of Revenue’s Private Letter Ruling Regarding Nonprofits & Tax Credits (March 2014)

CRC to Pay Tax Credit Application Fees & Other 2014 Tax Credit Changes (January 2014)

Tax Form Filing & Tempel Holding Period News (December 2012)

LT Payment Assurance Program (April 2012)

The Tempel Case and Its Implications (April 2011)

CRC To Pay Fees For Landowners (October 2010)

Tax Credit Update – HB -1197 The $26M Cap (July 2010)

A Solution to the Timing Problem with New Tax Forms (January 2008)

IRS Form 8283 and House Bill 1361 Update (August 2007)

HB 06-1354 Signed Into Law – Credit Goes From $260k to $375k (2006)

Referendum C & Its Effect on Tax Credit Refunds (November 2005)

House Bill 1244 – The New Tax Credit Legislation (June 2005)

Colorado Economic Recovery Act

Publications of the Conservation Resource Center

Please check back periodically for new publications as well as updates to our existing publications.

Conservation Tax Credits: A Landowner’s Guide (2012)

Colorado Society of CPAs Conservation Tax Credit Article (2008)

2008 Model Conservation Credit Act (2008)

State Conservation Credits: Impact and Analysis (2007)