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Here you will find our latest news and updates. Also included, in reverse chronological order, are older alerts. Please note the publication date of the documents you consult as older notices may include information that, while accurate at the time, may now be outdated. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The Tempel Case and Its Implications (April 2011)

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As many in Colorado’s conservation community are aware, there are a significant number of IRS audits of Colorado Conservation easement donations…

CRC to Pay Fees for Landowners (October 2010)

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As many in Colorado’s conservation community are aware, HB1197 passed this spring and will place an overall, statewide annual limit of $26M on the…

Tax Credit Update – HB -1197 The $26M Cap (July 2010)

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The Conservation Resource Center is a nonprofit land conservation organization that specializes in policy, research, outreach and education…

A Solution to the Timing Problem with New Tax Forms (January 2008)

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As you are aware, pursuant to HB 1361, there are various new forms that must now be filed by easement donors and by donee organizations, including…

IRS Form 8283 and House Bill 1361 Update (August 2007)

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In December of 2006, the IRS issued a new Form 8283 (Noncash Charitable Contributions) and accompanying instructions that set forth the requirements…

HB 06-1354 Signed Into Law – Credit Goes From $260k to $375k (January 2006)

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The Colorado Legislature just passed a major amendment to its conservation tax credit program. The new law changes the formula under which…

Referendum C & Its Effect on Tax Credit Refund (November 2005)

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Colorado voters approved the passage of Referendum C – The Colorado Economic Recovery Act—by a margin of 53% to 47%. Referendum C essentially…

House Bill 1244 – The New Tax Credit Legislation (June 2005)

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On July 7, 2005, Governor Owens signed into law House Bill 1244. This new legislation is the result of a collective effort on behalf of the Colorado…

Tax Credit Update: Colorado Economic Recovery Act (2005)

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One option for landowners who donate a conservation easement and earn tax credits is to elect to claim a refund of up to $50,000 during budget surplus…