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How to Sell Credits

1. Certify your Credits.

Once your conservation easement has been donated, apply to the state to certify your Credits. See Earn Credits to learn how the Tax Credit Exchange (TCE) collects required documentation, drafts and submits certification applications, and increases the likelihood that your Credits will be certified.

2. Register to sell your Credits through TCE.

Once Credits are certified and issued by the state, landowners may sell their Credits through TCE to promptly monetize their value. As demand for Credits is at an all-time high, register to sell and buy Credits through TCE early in considering your transaction. TCE transfers Credits based on Credit certification and registration priority date. Early registration with TCE is the best way to leverage all the services TCE offers.

TCE matches Credit sellers with buyers. Our pool of buyers is ever increasing. Sellers receive immediate compensation for their Credits at the most competitive rates, buyers purchase Credits at a slightly discounted rate to reduce their taxes, and a small percentage of the transaction supports TCE so there is no up-front cost for its professional services.

3. Draft and execute transfer agreements and disburse funds.

TCE drafts and ensures proper execution of all elements of the transaction including transfer agreements, required disclosures, disbursement of funds, and state-required transfer tracking forms.

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