Purchasing Tax Credits

Featured-image-4Who Can Purchase a Tax Credit?

Individuals and Businesses with Colorado State Income Tax liability may purchase tax credits. There is no limit to the amount of tax credits that any individual or business may purchase.

Why Purchase Tax Credits?

By purchasing tax credits, an individual or business can save money on their Colorado State Income Taxes. Purchasers typically receive a 9% discount on the face value of the tax credits and CRC generally requires a minimum purchase of $10,000. Example: A Colorado taxpayer with a $500,000 state income tax liability may purchase $500,000 in credits for $455,000, thus saving $45,000 in state income tax (a 9% savings).

The Transfer Process.

Taxpayers who wish to purchase tax credits through CRC should contact us by phone or email and let us know how many credits are needed.

Once the purchaser tells us how many credits he or she wishes to purchase, CRC will match that amount with a tax credit seller or sellers also registered with our program. Once a match has been made, CRC will generate the transfer documents and payment instructions and collect signatures from all the parties.

The Conservation Resource Center often works with tax advisors and attorneys on behalf of their clients. If you prefer, you may have your tax professional or attorney contact us directly.

In recent years, demand for credits has outpaced the supply and purchasers contacted us late were unable to purchase credits from us – or any other facilitator. Please contact us early to maximize your opportunity to purchase credits.