How to Buy Credits

Colorado taxpayers purchase tax Credits to reduce their tax liability while also helping to preserve Colorado’s landscapes that sustain and inspire us. There is no limit on how many Credits an individual buyer may purchase.

1. Determine eligibility to purchase Credits.

Individuals and businesses with Colorado state income tax liability may purchase Credits.

2. Register with TCE to purchase Credits

Buyers register with the Tax Credit Exchange (TCE) and share the amount of Credits they wish to purchase. As the number of Credits Buyers wish to purchase often exceed the number of state Credits available for sale, Buyers should contact us early to increase likelihood that TCE can meet their needs.

3. Execute transfer documents & send payment.

Once a match has been made, TCE will generate the transfer documents and payment instructions and collect signatures from all parties. TCE works with individuals directly, and also through their tax advisors and attorneys on their behalf. If you prefer, you may have your tax professional or attorney contact us directly.

Field with barn and white flowers. (Shot by Debra Pentz)