About Us

Featured-image-aboutIn 2000, the Conservation Resource Center established the Tax Credit Exchange, the nation’s first market for transferring conservation tax credits. Since then, the Tax Credit Exchange remains the most successful tax credit program in Colorado, having transferred more than all other facilitators combined.

The Conservation Resource Center is run by conservation attorneys who have over 30 years combined experience in land conservation law and policy. Each year, the Conservation Resource Center conservation attorneys conduct numerous workshops for landowners interested in conserving their property, typically in conjunction with a local land trust. Our conservation attorneys are also frequent lecturers at local, regional and national land conservation conferences.

Our Nonprofit Work

The Conservation Resource Center is a nonprofit land conservation organization that specializes in policy, research, outreach and education. In addition to iits Tax Credit Exchange Program, the conservation attorneys at the Center work to advance land conservation in Colorado and throughout the nation.

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Who We Are

Mike Strugar, Director

Mike is an attorney specializing in real estate law and land conservation techniques.  He has a law degree, as well as a master’s degree in Natural Resource Management, both from the University of Michigan.  Mike practiced real estate law for ten years as an associate, and later partner, at Holme Roberts & Owen.  In 1993 he established the Conservation  Resource Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities and governmental entities deal with matters involving land conservation.  Working in Colorado, he established the nation’s first functioning exchange for transferring Conservation Tax Credits, and has facilitated the transfer of nearly 1,500 credits.  In 2002, he established a similar program for transferring Conservation Tax Credits in Virginia.  He is an adjunct Professor of Law at University of Denver Law School, teaching courses in Land Conservation Law.

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Debra Pentz, Associate Director

Debra Pentz has served on the Conservation Resource Center’s Board since its inception and worked as Associate Director of the organization from 1999 to 2006. CRC is happy to announce that Debra has returned to CRC, bringing with her over ten years of professional experience in nonprofit leadership and youth development in addition to her wealth of experience in land conservation, grant management, and fundraising. She will lead the development of CRC’s new conservation initiatives. View Debra’s Resume

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New Programs

Debra is currently developing CRC’s Saving Places Initiative. Saving Places’ goal is to inspire appreciation, exploration and stewardship of Colorado’s open spaces through education, advocacy, youth engagement and active support of ongoing community initiatives. This program positions CRC as a key partner with nonprofit groups, public agencies and school districts working to protect, preserve, and provide community connections to important local parks and open space. Through this program, CRC offers in-kind contributions to organizations through partial donations of professional services.

We are currently taking requests from land trusts and community groups working on Great Outdoors Colorado’s Inspire Initiatives and other important Colorado conservation projects. Debra offers assistance in the following area:

  • Research, Policy & Advocacy
  • Program Development & Management
  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Engaging and Inspiring Youth to Action
  • Grant Program Development
  • Fundraising